Handmade Gemstone Jewelry 

Designs by Carrington is a Brooklyn based business providing handmade gemstone jewelry. As a local artisan, my goal is to offer the highest quality of gemstones while offering a large selection of colors and varieties to those interested in gemstone healing energy. I am continuously researching to bring you innovative products with exceptional style and information on the wellness benefits associated with your one of a kind piece. Through continuous research and training I offer knowledge is at the forefront of the latest developments gemstone energy. Designs by Carrington takes pride in supplying jewelry that is all handmade with lots of positive energy and love. I also offer custom made items if you are looking for a special color or for a specific cleansing. As the designer I carefully pick out each stone and charm to satisfy client needs. Since each gemstone has a unique look no two bracelets will ever be identical, making them one of a kind. In addition, all our gemstone jewelry is cleansed and charged with energy in our sacred healing room. All bracelets come with a meaning card and infused with the essential oil of your choice. Designs by Carrington offers stylish jewelry that are great for yourself and make amazing gifts. 

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